Warrior 195 Boat Report

Length 19ft 5ins (6.0m)
Beam 7' 10" (2.45m)
Draught 12" (0.33m)
Weight 1040Kg (without engine)
Engine 150hp Mariner Optimax
Max rated power 175hp
Design Category C
Max load 1000kg
Batteries 2 off 80 Ah
Country of manufacture: Lancashire, UK

Report by Martin


I have owned my Warrior 195 "MAVERICK" since October 1998. After six years of use with an average of 150 hours a year on the clock I feel I can give an honest opinion of its build quality, capabilities and quirks. When purchased most of the extra boxes were ticked so she came fully rigged with live bait wells, deck wash, hydraulic steering, trim tabs, integral 120 litre fuel tank and a full set of electrics factory fitted.
For the first four years she lived on a pontoon berth so was fully exposed to the elements for 11 months of the year.
Due to increasing costs we now trail her and after initial doubts as to the practicality (due to weight) we are now finding the chore of launch and retrieve bearable although hard work on shallow slips.

Build quality
The boat is heavy and certainly for the most part well built. The lay up of the boat is good with the gel coat still nice and glossy with the only maintenance being a regular wash down and an annual polish.

The boat is married to a 2.5 litre 6 cylinder 150hp Mariner Optimax outboard. With fairly quick acceleration and top speed of around 35 knots the performance is good enough to embarrass many a speedboat.
The engine has performed faultlessly over the 6 years with the only cost being annual servicing. Fuel economy is reasonable for the size of boat with an average trip needing around 7/8 galls of fuel although I can remember one trip where we used near 20 galls of fuel but we did cover a total of 92 miles.

The boat is fantastic on a flat sea and can be driven quite hard in anything up to a force 3/4. In anything above this I really must learn to reduce the revs, as with all fast boats of this size she will slam. With that said I couldn't think of another boat of similar size that I would put against her.
I like most other fishermen have been caught out by the weather and had to return home on few occasions in a force 6 but not once have I felt my safety compromised.
It is a good all round boat for fishing and the usual family cruising, skiing and ski bobbing. Having trim tabs on a relatively small boat is a boon. No need to worry about the loading of gear as by just touching a button you are zipping along on a level plane. On the fishing front I couldn't ask for more, oodles of space for my lad and me to play in with plenty of space for three if needed. Drifting is nice as the boat sits in rather than on the water so not to adversely affected by wind. When it comes to landing fish with three people on one side you notice very little heal.
So in all a comfortable boat to fish from.

Problems no, niggles yes
The boat did suffer from stress cracks on the rear corners of the cuddy but these have been professionally reinforced and repaired with no recurrence of the problem. No other glass fibre issues found other than the odd careless dink caused by leads and anchors. These are repaired regularly and are not noticeable which is testament to the quality of the original gel coat as very little fading has taken place.

After 4 years I had a problem with the boat listing slightly to one side. It appeared there was water in the under floor sealed compartments. After contacting the manufacturer who was most helpful this problem has been cured. I removed around 14.5 stone of water.

Another problem I encountered was the self-draining deck. When 2 people were stood to the rear of the boat water would lap in the scuppers and go into the bilges where the bilge pump would empty it out. This meant the pump was forever switching on and off. I tried changing the scuppers but this was to no avail as the deck is set slightly to low for this set up to work correctly.
I decided to seal up the scuppers completely and now do not have the problem. The boat doesn't take in water through the day (unless its raining) and the bilge pump handles what little spray that does enter the boat.

One thing that is/was very annoying was the electrical installation. To say it was agricultural would be an understatement. A mass of wires behind the helm, everything on in-line fuses, none marked up so if a fault occurred at sea it could be a major problem identifying which fuses or run of cable were giving the problem. Although everything worked it was an annoyance on the odd occasion a fuse did blow.
Not a problem any more though as the spaghetti has gone, the boat has been completely rewired with everything running on its own trip switch and all properly marked up.
It would have been such an easy job with very little added cost if done this way during manufacture. Why even some of the best producers cut corners is beyond me.

To sum up I would say I am more than happy with the Warrior and its performance. I can't think of another boat I would rather own in this size or price bracket not that they were cheap. It is a shame they no longer make the 195 as it is overall a first class piece of kit.
If you want one you will have to find one second hand and you can't have mine, well not for a few years yet.

Martin's Boat



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