Linder 460 Arkip Boat Reports

Length: 4.60mtr
Beam: 1.85m
Weight: 290Kg
Max Engine: 50hp
Country of Manufacture: Sweden
Web site:
Report by Simon Everett (Boat Fishing Monthly)

Swedish Life
Linder is a Swedish company and Sweden is a country where boating is a part of everyday life. They have been building boats since the early 1970s and aluminum boats since 1981. Their 440 model is still one of the most popular boats in Europe, with many hundreds sold each year. The Arkip 460 is their newest model and has been designed around the needs of fishing.

Lightweight Advantages
The lightweight build of the Arkip has several benefits, the first of these is the ease of towing. The whole package of trailer, boat and engine only weighs about half a ton. That means even a Clio or Focus will happily launch and recover it. The cost of your day’s fuel is reduced because there is less work for the engine to do. Another advantage of the reduced weight is that she carries less draft – so you can get into shallower water.

The test boat was fitted with a 50hp, but you will see no difference in performance for going down to a 40hp motor and a 30hp will still provide a reasonable speed.
Interior Design
The interior layout consists of an offset console aft with bench seating across the stern and the usual bow seating atop lockers. The seat coverings are made out of a firm foam-type compound, which is hook proof. The bow lockers are plenty large enough for all the ropes, fenders and assorted junk that accumulates on a boat. The fore peak is sealed into a buoyancy chamber, so there isn't the usual anchor stowage facility there.
The deck space is impressive for a small boat and this will be appreciated by anglers. The console is simple and uses the aft bench as a helm seat. The screen encloses the top of the console to protect any electronics that have been installed and there is sufficient legroom below when sitting at the wheel. On the forward side of the console there is a small box for odds and ends.

There is less room in the stern but still plenty to control rods when trolling using the rod holders included in the kit. These can be mounted anywhere along the side rails to suit your purpose making life easier aboard without the butt ends to trip over. Following the same principal is the upright rod rack fastened to the after end of the port forward seating locker box, housing three rods.

The aft end locker system is very practical and well thought out. The centre section houses the fuel tanks and battery isolator switch. It is fitted with a fire port to aim a fire extinguisher through without having to lift the lid, thus creating a fireball. Inside this locker there is a black knob, unscrew it and the entire locker can be slid forward to gain access to the battery and bilge pump.

Solid As A Rock
The hull is solid, being made of 2.4mm sheet with a keel section and three strakes providing additional rigidity, beaching security and grip on the water. The mild V-hull planes very easily and is extremely light. This boat simply skips about like a spring lamb. As soon as you give her any throttle she is away. You have to get her on the plane though because the stern does squat if you mess about before she has leveled off. Once going it takes virtually no power to keep her going and that will repay with meagre fuel consumption.

It was pretty choppy on the day we took her out, with winds gusting to 45 knots! The sea hadn't built up fully but the boat dealt with the conditions quite happily and cut through the waves. She could run at speed in those conditions too, dancing off the tops quite cheerily and sending spray wide to get caught on the wind and whipped away. She wasn't quite so comfortable on the drift in those conditions though.

Handling is great fun. She heeled into a turn properly and was fine provided she wasn't pressed, but that is true of so many boats that are not performance orientated. They are fast in a straight line, so is the Arkip, but you need to come around in a wide sweep or the hull starts to slide if over pressed, which is better than letting go and then suddenly biting again. That is when you have a danger of hooking and throwing people across the deck, or even overboard.

Clever Idea
Instead of carrying a cuddy all the time she employs the old fold down dodger technique, with a difference. The Linder dodger becomes a fully enclosed wheelhouse with see-through panels all round. Zipped panels allow you to choose how much enclosure you need for the circumstances. The rear panel can be left completely open for tending to lines when trolling, or you can leave the doorway open to make it easy to come in and out when at anchor, for instance.

Speed Freak?
The Arkip was clocked at 33-knots, which considering the chop is more than adequate. With the 40hp motor I would still expect to see over 30-knots and the 30hp would be able to run at something like 26-knots, which in itself is not bad.

The Arkip is a boat for budget minded anglers who travel around to fish and will appreciate the difference in traveling costs, as well as the actual running cost of the boat. Security is included, as all Linder hulls are electronically tagged. From a fishing point of view it is a worthwhile alternative in the 15-foot class and is very attractively priced too.


Linder 460 Arkip

Length: 460cm
Beam: 185cm
Weight: 286kgs
Rec Engine: Up to 50hp
Max Load: 525kgs
Category: C – 6 persons

Written by Mike Thrussell (World Sea Fishing)

There are a lot of build features in the Linder Arkip 460 that will appeal to the small boat angler, not least its performance combined with light weight and strength due to its alloy construction.

The alloy hull measures 2.4mm thick, so it's tough but is easy to repair in the unlikely event that you hole or dint it.

Looking around the boat all the bolt heads and rivets are neatly rounded off to eliminate any chance of clothes, lines and the like snagging. You can also run your bare hand along what few metal edges there are and not get cut or scratched as all sharp edges have been removed.

The steering console is on the starboard side with a clear screen surrounded by a metal grab rail. The console is open underneath for basic storage. The wheel is a round type with plastic grip and the instruments are positioned on the right side of the wheel console to give easy reading. Rear of the wheel there is a shelf area where you can fix a compass and sounder for direct viewing.

Across the transom is a full width seat. This hides a locker area for the fuel tank and battery, plus has room for sensibly stowed additional items.
There are short safety rails on the each stern corner as well as T cleats for tying off. The splash well has a flat standing area at each side and a wide splash well. These are useful if you need to access the engine at all, and obviously when using the boat as a dive platform. There is also a dive ladder positioned on the starboard rear side of the stern.
In addition the stern also carries welded U shackles for tying to, but these are also handy for attaching your trailer board too as well.

On deck the gunnels are high enough to be fully safe when seated and carry safety rails forward towards the bow to aid moving around. The safety rails would also be good attachment points for screw on rod holders.

Bench type seats are positioned fully around the bow and hide spacious easy access storage lockers at either side. The seats also sport light weight blue foam cushioning which also acts as a grip so your backside doesn't slide off the seat when underway.
There is a good comfy position from which to haul the anchor at the front when stood. The test boat wasn't fitted with a bow roller, but one can be fitted along with navigation lights, which would be most anglers choice. I saw a 460 in the BHG factory already fitted with a bow roller and plate, plus Nav lights at each side which is something to consider if you're looking to fish in to dusk.

The deck is alloy, but with ribs cut in to the metal that will both drain water off quickly, but also gives good grip underfoot when wet.
The overall finish of the boat is excellent. The corners are neatly finished with triangular plates riveted to the gunnel tops, just to nicely round things off. With the overall neat lines of the boat, and the contrasting blue fendering against the alloy, it makes for a very smart looking boat.

Performance is exceptional.
The test boat was fitted with a Yamaha 50hp 4-stroke engine, and though the test day was grotty and the sea lumpy it topped 24-knots with loads of power left in reserve.
It instantly responds to the throttle and feels racy, which it is. As power is applied the bow will momentarily lift, then quickly settle as the hull hits planing speed in just a couple of seconds. You can throttle back with the boat sliding over the sea producing far less hull noise than I anticipated.

With the Yamaha 50hp 4-stroke engine and with two people aboard you can clock upwards of 36-knots at 5500rpm and will burn roughly 17-liters of fuel per hour. Your cruising speed at 3500rpm is an easy 21-knots burning roughly 8-liters of fuel per hour. With a 40hp engine top speed will drop to 29-knots and with a 30hp unit you'll still achieve 25-knots.
Even when punching in to the wind, spray coming over the bow was minimal. The steering position offers all round viewing, even when sat.
You can throw the boat in to a tight turn and add a little throttle to bring it back in line instantly and power away. The stern really grips the surface water.
Under steady speed you can walk about on deck without tipping the boat off balance, nor affecting the steerage for the helmsman. It is very stable and a good platform to fish and work from.

With its speed and high maneuverability combined with easy launching and retrieving due to it's light weight, this boat is a great choice for anglers wanting to fish within a couple of miles of shore, and especially those looking to get afloat at short notice when weather conditions look spot on.
It has real sea keeping qualities with good stability making it a good solid fishing platform for everything from coast hugging fly and lure fishing to pollacking over inshore reefs and for general ground fishing. This would be a great package for a dad and lad to work from as it's easy to handle. It also doesn't need a 4 x 4 vehicle to tow it.


Disclaimer: Everything written in these reports are based on personal experience and the individual's opinion only. I have tried my best to present the facts correctly, but I/we take no responsibility for any mistakes or omissions.

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