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C-Map NT+ PC Planner

By Dave

I recently purchased the C-Map NT+ software and planner.
Once I had got used to using some of the features I found it great to look for potential fishing spots or features on the sea bed.
Going to some diving sites I picked up some marks for wrecks and found that many were not the same as the charts, I know that they may be using a differant chart datum but others seemed very close but not exactly where the chart indicated.
Time will tell when I go out exploring the marks to see which are the most accurate.

You do need to use the C-Map chart which you use in your GPS/Plotter to get the required detail and if you have a 'User card' you can save marks and transfer them over to your GPS/Plotter at a later date.

All in all I have found it a great piece of kit and worth the 139, time will tell if I have chosen the right locations for fish!  

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