Pirate 21 Boat Report

Total Length: 21ft 9ins
Beam: 7ft 6ins
Draft: 1ft 2ins
Engine Size: Inboard 120hp Ė 275hp
Outboard 90hp Ė225hp
Country of manufacture: UK

More details on full specification can be found at http://www.pirate-boats.com
Contact Howard or Ann Williams at Pembrokeshire Yachts, The Boatyard, Crossways, Honeyborough, Neyland, Pembrokshire SA73 1QY. Tel: 01646 602030.

By Mike Thrussell - http://www.worldseafishing.com

Looking at the Pirate 21 from the pontoon, it looks like a real angling boat with the right lines, workmanlike cabin and high gunnels. The internal design features also instantly tell you this craft has been designed by anglers with anglers in mind. The deck area is flush and fully open for easy working and has a stippled finish to eliminate the chance of slipping.
The stern sports a deep splash well with built in live bait wells on both stern corners. There are also top quality stainless steel stern posts at each corner for tying off.
I instantly felt safe on deck due to the high gunnels, plus the addition of stainless steel safety rails on the gunnel tops. The starboard gunnel on the deck side is recessed to take rod holders, with the port gunnel carrying a deck wash unit.

Single rod holders are positioned on each gunnel forward towards the cabin with room for others to be added of required. There is also a stainless steel gantry on the cabin top carrying rocket launcher type rod holders to keep deck clutter to a minimum, plus this can take your VHF aerial for maximum transmit/receive range.
At either side of the cabin bulkhead you have single upholstered seats with internal storage lockers.
Stepping up off the deck to access the bow there are stainless steel grab rails at shin height ideal for manhandling the boat at the pontoon, plus cabin top grab safety rails. There is a large amount of room to work from up here, plus you can drop your legs down in to the bow locker and sit on the bow deck to haul anchor making it totally safe in a pitching sea.
The bow also sports a stainless steel post, bow roller and fairleads at each side, plus a full length safety rail running to the bow.

Access off deck in to the cabin is via split doors. The rear cabin bulkhead sports four windows, one in each door, and one each side of the doors, to give maximum rearward vision. Large single windows at each side of the cabin, plus the front screen is split in two, again giving full all round vision both seated and stood. Both forward screens have windscreen wipers. You also notice the windows are solidly built in to the craft with alloy frames and tight screw patterns for total strength.
You have full cabin height inside with the helm seat on the starboard side. The helm seat has air suspension and is very comfy with a built in to the cabin floor foot rest.

The throttle is to the right of the wheel and at the perfect height for comfort when needing to constantly work the throttle during manoeuvres, with the instruments arranged to the left on the wide vertical console face for easy reading. There is also a wide flat shelf area in front of the screen with massive amounts of room to house all your GPS and sounder units.
There are upholstered bunk seats either side of the cabin with internal storage lockers, plus you have another locker up at the bow end with more storage space, so thereís acres of room to stow all your equipment too.
Itís also reassuring to get on a modern boat and find the Nav lights traditionally positioned high up on the cabin top for maximum visual contact at night and in bad weather.

The weather was horrible and deteriorating quickly on the test day with a wind touching force 6, and wind against tide, so it was a choppy sea with rain just to complete the picture.

The test boat was fitted with the Honda 225hp XRTD 4-stroke outboard, and frankly the performance is stunning! I clocked up 40 plus miles an hour even in the snotty sea, and flat out sheíll pull more than 50mph in ideal conditions. Throttle response is instant and throughout the power band.

Skipping along and cresting waves, with the odd jump across waves thrown in the ride is exceptional with little if any slam and noise levels are low, plus the ultra deep V hull settles easily in to the head on waves making for a really comfy ride.
Throw the boat in to a tight turn and the stern fully grips with no sign of slide. Spray on to screen is also minimal. Its also bang on in a following sea with minimal wheel work needed to keep her straight.
The boat is stable too, both on the drift and even when underway with bodies walking about on deck. With two adults on one side of the boat there is only slight perceptible lean, itís as solid as rock if you want to lift big fish like tope and sharks aboard.

Fuel wise, expect to burn an incredibly low 3 gallons per hour easy cruising, and about 5 gallons per hour at high speed. Now that is economical!

An outstanding boat for its length and price! Itís fast, economical, stable and predictable when working in difficult seas.
You have a large open deck area for fishing from, high safe gunnels, plus the whole design has been thought out properly with angling in mind. Inside the cabin everything is where it needs to be, but is positioned to give maximum working room.
The helm seat is easy to work from, plus you have full all round vision for mooring etc, and when underway at speed.
The build quality is the best Iíve come across in the price range and the strength in structure is apparent throughout the whole craft. Jump on deck and itís totally solid under your feet, plus there is no sign of judder in the cabin walls when pounding at speed in to a head on sea.

Canít fault it!

The price of the Pirate 21 fitted with the superb Honda 225XD outboard is £33394.00 including VAT, with the trailer for this craft costing another £2350.00 including VAT. It comes with a full 5-year structural warranty.
The price of the Pirate 21 boat only is £18995.00.
There are numerous engine packages including inboard installations, plus a full list of extras and upgrades to consider.

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